Monday, October 26, 2009

Fresh Ideas...

I am interested in creating spaces that are unsettling, scary, creepy...and lately how to depict that idea has lead me around and around with the same conclusion of what I have been painting in the past two years. I am not abandoning the foundation style that I have become known for, but just another way of interpreting that idea.  I have been wanting to create new spaces that invite and repel the viewer at the same time. So I have found that idea to create a new series to take my work into a new direction, which I am extremely excited about...I can't wait to get at my fresh new idea...No, I won't say what this idea is until I am finished with the new series, I am thinking 10 paintings and drawings, not sure on sizes, but large enough for me to comfortably work on them, I like to paint large..

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