Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Work

I am currently working on two new series..there are 10 paintings in each new series, no title yet, but may go under my ongoing series, Evolution...the paintings in this series are all 10"x30," oil on canvas..the second series is the one I have spent most of my time and energy on. when I say energy, I mean thinking about it all the time and what comes next, thinking back and forth between the paintings and trying to make them stand on their own, each painting is a different visual experience while keeping the series cohesive..I am still a ways off..but I think it is time to wrap things up with the series and get them out of my studio, I could use the room, and into a gallery..and sell them!  My new series in the horizon are in pastel, large or small in size I have yet to decide..
I will post images soon!